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Bombshell Brunettes: The Most Gorgeous Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

From rich chocolate to salted caramel the beauty of brown hair is that it is incredibly versatile. Whether you're in the mood for chestnut, golden, or red hues, it can all be achieved with a beautiful brown base. The possibilities with brunette hair colors are endless, and when picking the perfect color, it's best to begin by finding out which hues work best with each skin tone. Whether you're interested in a more natural look or are searching for an edgy identity, we've picked out some of the most beautiful brunette hair colors for various skin tones and the perfect ways to style them!

Sofia Vergara

Golden Brown Hair

We all know and love Sofia Vergara for her sense of humor and adorable accent, but her hair is what should be on the big screens. Golden tones are perfect for fair skin tones and add warmth and dimension to the face. An all-over warm golden brown hue is perfect for all seasons and can be pulled off at any age. The soft golden colors in this hair color are best suitable for more delicate styles. Loose curls, braids and waves bring out the playfulness of the colors, while edgy, harsh hairstyles will distract from the natural warmth and dimension.

Golden Brown Style Tip - Soft Curls

To achieve soft curls, it is best to start with dry straight or slightly wavy hair. Second-day hair often holds a style better, so hair that isn't freshly washed will be easier to work with when creating this style. Once hair is straight, apply a styling spray evenly throughout and set your favorite curling tool, like the MAX 2-Way Rotating Iron, to medium heat. Wrap your hair around the base of the barrel working your way for the root to the tips. Let hair sit for about five seconds before releasing. Once released you should have a softly curled section of hair. Repeat with every section working your way forward, and then finger brush curls before adding a finishing spray to hold them in place.

Espresso Brown Hair

Rich Espresso colored hair is just as energizing as it sounds! This beautiful dark tone mimics that of coffee beans and creates a sexy and sophisticated look that can be seen as both soft and dramatic. Much like coffee it entices the senses and leaves hair full of color and shine. Expresso colored hair works great on any skin tone, especially those who have an olive/yellow complexion. This vibrant hue can be played up with a dramatic straight middle part, or soft face framing curls as pictured on Kim Kardashian.

Espresso Brown Style Tip - Dramatic and Straight

Dramatically straight hair makes a statement and with a rich expresso color, it's bound to speak wonders. To achieve this look, add styling spray and heat protectant to damp hair and then dry with a blow dryer. Once hair is completely dry, use a straightening tool like the MAX 2-Way Rotating to straighten hair from root to tip paying close attention to sections around the face. The rotating barrel on the MAX 2-Way Rotating Iron makes it easy to achieve crease-free, dramatically straight hair within minutes! Its proven to straighten hair better than a flat iron!

Mahogany Red-Brown

If you want to make a statement in the hair color world, a rich mahogany color is sure to do the trick! This color uses both cool and warm tones to produce a vibrant, polished look. Although still considered a brown hair color, mahogany has red undertones that compliment both cool and warm skin making it easy for anyone to pull off. When choosing a brown-red hair color, it is said that cooler skin tones should lean more towards the violet undertones while warmer skin tones should stick with the red. This color also looks incredible in those who have green or blue eyes, highlighting their color and making them pop! This mahogany color will need to be maintained with refresher shampoos and color protecting conditioner. Although this hair color requires some work to keep it looking it's best, the dark mahogany tones are totally worth it and will leave everyone drooling over your shiny tresses.

Mahogany Red-Brown Style Tip - Side Swept

To achieve this side swept look begin by working volumizing product into damp hair and use a large barrel brush to blow-dry the hair completely dry. Once dry, use a small barrel to wrap large sized amounts of hair downwards around the barrel, starting from the with the front pieces on both sides of the head and working your way to the back. Once completely curled use a paddle brush to brush hair lightly to the desired side. Lastly, Pin in place and set with a strong hold finishing spray, to keep your hair looking perfect all night!

Ash Brown

Ash Brown can be a tricky color to master, but when done by the right stylist the results are extremely flattering. The cool tones in Ash Brown are perfect for those with light skin tones and eyes. Lately, we've seen this color on the red carpet on actresses like Rosie Hunington-Whitley and Cara Delevingne. Although a beautiful color, those with warmer skins tones should be careful with ash tone hair, as they tend to clash and make the hair appear dull and boring. Once perfected Ash colors will need to be regularly maintained with a corrective or refresher shampoo to keep from turning warmer. It is recommended to used a restorative shampoo once a week to maintain the ash undertones and neutralize any golden tones that may be drawn out by the sun. Edgy, straight hairstyles complement the coolness of the tone of this color and add a little more excitement to the overall look.

Ash Brown Style Tip - Layered Straight

Because Ash hair tones are cooler and less dramatic, it helps vamp up the look by adding some layers into the hair giving it more dimension. To achieve this straight layered look ask your hairstylist to add in some longer face-framing layers, noting that you'd like to keep the length while adding more movement and versatility. Layering hair is also great for removing damaged ends and can leave it looking more healthy and balanced! Once layered if you have naturally straight hair, invest in a lifting spray that will add body and volume to your hair accentuating your new layered look!

Beachy Brown a.k.a Bronde

With this hair color, you get the best of both worlds as the divide between Blondes and Brunettes is long gone. The bronde hair coloring technique fuses both blonde and brown colors to create a beachy brown, sunkissed look. The combination of blonde and brown hues keep this color looking extremely natural, and require very little maintenance to keep up. This color is perfect for the brunette who wants to take a step on the lighter side without straying too far from their natural color. It also looks extremely flattering on just about anyone and has a tendency to soften facial features highlighting one's youth. When maintaining your beautiful bronde color choose a color safe and sulfate free shampoo to lock in moisture and shine!

Bronde Style Tip - Glam Curls

To achieve these glamourous curls begin with a low side part and divide hair into six sections. Using a large barrel wrap each section around and curl. After curling your entire head, loosen up the curls with a brush. You can also achieve this style in minutes with the MAX 2-Way Rotating Iron by using large sections and curling all the way to the ends of hair. The brush attached to the MAX 2-Way Rotating Iron will loosen the curls automatically leaving you with tons of volume, and smooth waves. Set curls in place with a setting spray, and pin to one side to achieve that "retro glam look" so many celebrities have been showing off lately!

The "Almost Black"

If you're going for the sultry, dramatic depth of black hair without fully committing to the jet black look and high maintenance that comes along with it then, the "Almost Black" color is perfect for you! Still dark and vibrant the deep brown color complements medium-dark skin tones, playing up their natural dark features. An "Almost Black" color can also look stunning on those with pale skin and bright eyes, making their lighter features pop. However, those with lighter skin tones should note that this dark brown color has a lot of red undertones which will lift when washed or in the sun and can give the effect of washed out skin as well. Due to the depth of this color, it requires quite a bit of maintenance and regular re-coloring. Although high maintenance, the good thing about going darker is that adding color to your hair is not nearly as harmful as highlighting or lifting it, so your hair will hold it's shine, vibrancy and health. A wide variety of hairstyles compliment this color, from super straight to pin up curls, you can play up your natural features and walk out of the house feeling like a star!

The "Almost Black" Style Tip - Lob

The Lob is perfect for those with dark brown/almost black hair colors. A bit longer than a Bob, a Lob keeps the length of your hair right below your shoulder and can effortlessly be styled both up and down. Lobs are perfect for both summer and winter and can be styled sleek, straight and sexy or into summer-esque finger raked waves. If you're not ready to chop off your long tresses just yet, a Lob can easily be faked by pinning the back pieces under and leaving a few shorter layers out to frame the face.

Brown Sombre - The "Soft Ombre"

A brown sombre is the perfect low maintenance solution for natural brunettes. A sombre can add a stylish twist to a typical uniform color while still leaving the roots their natural brown color so that root touchups are not needed. This color technique offers versatility and incorporates natural looking light brown-blonde highlights into brown hair. A brown sombre uses your natural roots as a base color and creates a lightened frame around the face by strategically placed highlights that transition from light brown to blonde shades at the end. Actresses like Jessica Alba, Mila Kunis and Sarah Hyland have been rocking the Sombre lately and have everyone in Hollywood asking their hairstylists about it!

Brown Sombre Style Tip - Beachy waves

To pull off this look, we recommend starting with second-day, slept on hair and some styling spray. To start, begin wrapping large sections of hair around a large barrel like the 1-¼' MAX 2-Way Rotating Iron. Once all of your hair has is curled, work in a styling cream with your hands and finger rake the curls. This lightly brushed look will leave you with an "I woke up like this" perfect and relaxed style others will be drooling over.

Brown Babylights

Light brown babylights mimic the subtle highlights often seen on children's hair. The difference between baby lights and regular highlights is that when producing baby lights, the separation between the highlights is smaller and blended with the base color. A natural base creates a subtle, simple look that gives brown hair lighter hues and shine, creating that sunkissed feeling. Much like the sombre, baby lights are blended into the base color and are very low maintenance, requiring fewer touch ups than traditional highlighting. Baby lights create the most natural results on light-medium brown hair colors and work great with most skin tones.

Brown Babylight Style Tip - Bouncy Blowout

Because baby lights are subtle and childlike, accenting them up with an effortless, playful style works wonders. To master this bouncy blowout and create volume at the roots and start with towel dried hair. To create volume flip your head over when blow drying and use your hands to comb through the hair. Once about 80 percent dry, use a round boar bristle brush to tuck in the ends and polish off this style!

Tortoise Shell Brown

The Tortoiseshell Hair coloring technique amps up the sombre and babylights by blending both techniques to create a more noticeable and drastic color contrast. Tortoiseshell effect requires a darker root, and layers brighter highlights throughout the hair. This method aims to achieve a naturally lightened look and works best with caramel, chocolate and chestnut tones. Again, because darker roots are a part of this style, it requires fewer touch ups then most hair colors. To keep this style looking vibrant and healthy, it is recommended to use color preserving hair products, and to keep hair moisturized.

Tortoiseshell Style Tip - Loose Side Braid

A loose side braid is easy, quick, and doesn't take a genius to master. Plus it showcases the highlights throughout your hair making the contrast of colors even more visible. To get this look start with a volumizing dry shampoo and work the product into your roots to create a natural lift. Next part your hair to one side and apply some braid-defining cream throughout hair before braiding. Finally, end the braid about two inches above where you will secure it with a hair tie. Once secured, shake out braid to loosen, and gently tug on select pieces of the braid to soften the style.