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The Best Hairstyles for Thin Hair | InStyler

With the holidays coming up, we are all trying out new hairstyles and up-dos to make sure we are center stage at all of our seasonal parties and events! If you have thin or fine hair, some of these styles may be hard to replicate (read: Blake Lively’s glamorous and over the top braids). But do not worry—you are in luck! Keep reading to discover the 15 best hairstyles for thin hair as shown by some of our favorite celebrity hair icons. With our helpful ideas and the right tools, you are sure to get a positive review from everyone in the family this holiday season!

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Long/Medium Hair

You can do a lot with long locks, but when they are extra fine you want to avoid looking dull or lifeless. Keep your hair healthy and fuller by trimming it often, and with long, thin strands, you will want to avoid as many layers. Check out the ways in which these celebrities styled their long locks for extra oomph with these thin hairstyles!

One of the best ways to spice up your thin hair is by adding a blunt bang to increase drama! Olivia Wilde rocks this long fringe down below her eyebrows to make her hair appear heavier and thicker as well as to add some dimension. You can try blunt bangs with curls or waves or simply leave your hair long and sleek as shown here. Olivia curled her bangs slightly to the side, but for maximum effect use your straightener and make sure you have a crisp edge! Not ready for this much commitment? Try side-swept bangs for a similar effect.

Gwyneth Paltrow shows us here how to seriously embrace your hair for a sleek and elegant look! At any length, a stark middle part and stick-straight hair is just the simple look that is perfect for fine hair. The trick here is to make sure you have as few layers as possible—only a few around your face or none at all. This helps your hair appear to be a little thicker toward the ends. Use your favorite straightener, like our MAX 2-Way Rotating Iron, in layers and then add a silicone spray for that extra shine and dimension! This modern look would be perfect for a trip to the newest hip restaurant or out to your best friends’ birthday party!

Few people have embraced their thin, wispy hair more than Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen over time. They both have fine hair, typically kept long, and Mary Kate expertly used color and wave to increase her volume for a trip to this runway show. Multiple different shades of honey all the way up to a dark root help add texture to her long locks. To further increase volume, you can curl small sections of hair in different directions around a small barrel like the ¾” MAX 2-Way Rotating Iron, starting at the middle of the hair and taking care to include the ends. Then, brush out the curls slightly and add some texturizing spray for even more pop! If you are not headed to a runway show anytime soon, wear this one out for drinks or even for a quick shopping trip.

Cameron Diaz has got that quirky, girl-next-door style that we love, and her fine hair doesn’t stop her from looking chic all night long! This look could easily be dressed down for baking cookies with friends, and then glammed up with a red lip or smoky eye for date night or the office Holiday Party! Cameron shows how great a side swept bang can be for maximizing your hair’s volume potential. Part your hair to the opposite side, and then use a large barrel loosely to get these large, smooth waves. Make sure to run your ends in different directions to get the appearance of much more hair!

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Short Hair

Short hair can seem boring when you do not have a lot to work with—but fear not! The short bob is your best friend if you have thin hair, and some of our favorite celebrities showed us some of the best styles to take your thin hair to the next level!

Dianna Agron seriously pumps up the volume with this short ‘do! The actress works a messy vibe that we just love for fine hair! To achieve this look, you will need our two favorite products—volumizing mousse and texturizing spray. Use the mousse liberally in damp hair and dry on high heat without much direction from brush or comb—use your fingers to tousle starting at the roots. After the hair is almost dry, use your texturizing spray and scrunch up all different sections. For extra mess, you can comb from the ends up and even tease a little near the part. We love wearing bed-head out! This sexy look is quick and easy and never fails with a smoky eye for a night out on the town!

If you like a more polished look, then these perfect curls, worn here on Taylor Swift, are sure to wow at your Holiday gatherings! Create a deep side part to achieve this curled bang look, and start by prepping hair with a light hold hairspray. These more “s” shaped curves can be created by using a small barrel. For your top strands, wrap hair through one curve and hold for a few seconds, then weave back the other way and hold in the iron for your “s” shape. Then wrap the remaining length of that strand around all at once for a little more rounded curl—leave the ends out for a crisp finish. With her angled bob, this look is volumizing without overwhelming her face, and gives just the right amount of glamourous 80’s feel.

Victoria Beckham is the queen of the angled bob, which is a spectacular everyday look for someone with thin or fine hair. Keep the longest part of your cut touching your shoulder or even shorter for the most flattering face-framing results. The key is to keep the ends straight and blunt, with few layers if any. This look also has plenty of versatility—wear it straight like Posh, tousle it like Dianna, or give it some nice curls like Taylor.

Leigh Lezark, of The Misshapes, embraces her fine hair in an even shorter version of the angled bob. She combines that deep side part and the side swept bangs that we love for fine hair! The best factor in play here, however, is the texture on the ends of the hair, shaping the hair toward her face in a perfect sweep. Use your favorite straightener, like the MAX 2-Way Rotating Iron, and some silicon mist for the shine, but be sure to keep your part perfectly straight for a sleek look! This is perfect if you’re looking for low-maintenance elegance, or even if you are in the process of growing out a pixie cut!

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The holidays are filled with elegant evenings and you want your hairstyle to stand out in the crowd—but sometimes your thin hair doesn’t stand much on its own. Let these tips show you how to turn up the volume on your up-do this year!

Emma Stone is known as a hair chameleon because her locks truly looks amazing in any color! Here she is shining in a white-blond with darker undertones with this red-carpet look. She upped the texture on this up-do by curling the strands individually before gathering them at the back of her head. Blow dry the pieces up and away from your face to start the process, and then use our small MAX 2-Way Rotating Iron to curl individual strands—this time in the same direction for a clean look. Set in place with a light hold hairspray, then wow the crowds on your own red carpet!

This tip can elevate your look whether you have a pixie cut like Carey Mulligan's signature style, or even longer locks. Sweep your bangs away from your face while drying on low heat—a round brush would be a perfect tool to achieve the slight wave that you want here. Pin in place for bangs, or with longer layers simply gather all the way to the base of your bun/chignon and pin there.

Do not discount the “bump” quite yet! While we could have written an entire article on Reese Witherspoon alone, this is one of our favorite up-dos for someone with her fine hair! The actress proves that you can still add the illusion of overall volume with this simple and useful technique. If you have bangs, this can be an extra trick for when you want to change things up a bit. Simply grab a 2-3 inch strand of hair right at your crown and tease the underside with a teasing comb. Push this piece forward a bit and pin in place. This will keep any shorter layers by your face from coming out of your up-do. Try this with any up-do, including a mid-level bun like Reese’s, or even a high ponytail like the one below!

We keep using the word “sleek” because fine hair is more suited than any other hair for some elegant, classic styles like this…well, sleek wrapped ponytail. Cara Delevingne’s long fine hair is perfect for this look that could easily transition from day to night. We suggest using some texturizing spray and curling the ends of the pony for more volume. Make sure your hair is pulled back evenly, tie your pony at the height of your head, and finish by wrapping a 1-inch strand around the band and pinning in place. The wrapped piece gives an extra boost, just make sure to use enough so your band is completely covered!

Follow our tricks and tips with the MAX 2-Way Rotating Iron and other tools to increase texture and volume as you style out these hairstyles for fine and thin hair. Take the celebrity example or try mixing and matching aspects of the above styles to create your own unique ‘do and look your best day or night!