Instyler Style Guide

Quick Hairstyles for Summer

Summer is quickly approaching, with the first official day of the season on June 21st this year. We all hear the hype about getting the perfect "summer body." But why should it be reduced to only our physiques? Let's focus on what is really important - giving body to our hair! So when we talk about getting that perfect summer body, we're talking about getting that sought-after volume, not a flat tummy. Luckily for you, it has never been easier thanks to the InStyler® MAX 2-Way Rotating Iron. The InStyler® MAX 2-Way Rotating Iron is the ultimate summer companion to help you spend less time in front of the mirror and more time soaking up the sun!

Here are nine fast hairstyles that will leave you looking fabulous in minutes so you can spend less time styling and more time in the sunshine!

Tousled Braid

There is nothing better than a hairstyle that looks like it took hours to do but only took seconds to perfect. Celebrities like Olivia Wilde make a tousled braid look flawless and so can you. The best time to style hair in a braid is the day after washing it. Cutting out the time it takes to blow dry your hair makes this style that much faster and easier. Use dry shampoo to absorb any oil in your hair that you may have and to add texture. Braid your hair in a loose side braid and tie with a clear hair band for a more natural and effortless look. Pull on the pieces of the braid to widen and loosen it. Don’t worry about any extra pieces that don’t make it into the braid as this look is supposed to be a little bit messy. If your hair is layered, you may have more hair that falls out of the braid, and you can use the InStyler® MAX 2-Way Rotating Iron to loosely curl those excess pieces. Use hairspray to keep everything in place or let it fall into a looser braid throughout your day for a beachier look. This quick hairstyle is going to be popular this summer. Set the trend among your friends early and own this girly style this summer!

Long Weighted Curls

You may not have won an Oscar this year like Alicia Vikander, but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve those enviable long weighted curls yourself. To get this look, begin by parting your hair in the middle to have equal weight on both sides of your hair as well as symmetrical curls. The InStyler® MAX 2-Way Rotating Iron is the best and easiest curling iron to use to get curls like Vikander’s. The iron will add volume and shine to your hair while curling it so no need for excess product. You can create tight curls and let them fall throughout the day or sleep on them so your loose curls will be ready in the morning. To get this look right away, section your hair out in medium size pieces and loosely wrap your hair around the wand and avoid leaving it on the heat for too long. Finger through the curls in your hair and add hairspray for a finishing touch to this hippy-inspired hairstyle, perfect for festivals this summer.

Wavy High Pony

Wearing your hair in a ponytail doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style for convenience. Celebrities like Chrissy Teigen prove this to be true with this wavy high pony. Whether you are headed to the beach (pool, lake, river, or wherever your “beach” may be) or just lounging around, you can pull this look off on the fly. If you do not have the time or luxury to hit the beach, do not fear! This effortless wavy high pony can be done from home and fool onlookers into thinking you just came off the sand. Unwashed hair is essential to achieving this messy do, so feel free to use dry shampoo to freshen up your roots. Use sea salt spray to add texture and the InStyler® MAX 2-Way Rotating Iron to give your hair loose waves and crimps. Loosely pull your hair up into a high pony and secure with a hair tie. Flyaways and unfastened pieces of hair just add to this purposefully unfinished look. What is best about this easy updo is that you can dress it up or down for both day and night summertime activities.

Corn Row Braids or Boxer Braids

Channel your inner Khloe and Kim Kardashian this summer with some corn row or boxer braids. What we like about this look is that it can be a fashion statement or a sporty look. These braids are best for humid and sticky summer days when you just want your hair off of your neck and out of your face. Start by parting your hair in the middle and section your hair off into two or four pieces depending on how many braids you want. You may want to use leave-in primer cream as this will be a slicked back and tight hair style. The rest is easy - simply French braid sections of your hair and tie it back with a hair tie that matches your hair color. With long hair, you will braid your hair all the way down into long braids that you can either wear back or forward. With short hair you can take all the ends of the braids and braid them into a low bun, pinning it into place with bobby pins for an easy updo.

Loosely Curled Piecey Layers

Chopping off long locks, layering, and thinning out your hair is perfect for summer and that is why we love piecey layers. Especially for those with thick hair, it is nice to lose some weight from your hair during those warmer months. Jennifer Lawrence is one of many celebrities who has turned to the scissors and gotten a fresh cut for the new season. Not only is styling shorter hair much easier, but you can also get creative with it like Lawrence did with these loose curls. Start by parting your hair on the side and using product like texturizing spray. Next, wrap pieces of hair around a large barrel iron in small sections. For the bangs, section out a larger piece and swoop it back to the side with the straightener. You can use a teasing comb for some extra volume and hair spray to hold everything in place.

Pinned- back strands

This super simple style makes being “too busy” not an excuse for not doing your hair. The summer season is naturally going to add a lot more to your agenda with all of those outdoor summer activities. If busy woman and mother Jennifer Lopez can do it, so can you. For these pinned-back strands, part your hair on one side and use pomade to slick back the other side of your hair and fasten it in place with bobby pins. You can use bobby pins that match your hair color or ones with gems or flowers on it if you want to add a hair accessory. With the remaining hair, section out large pieces and use your InStyler® MAX 2-Way Rotating Iron to create big loose waves.

Halo Braid

It’s not surprising that braids are going to be a big trend this season. They are the perfect summertime hairstyle because they are simple, quick, and super cute. Erin Heatherton shows that this hairstyle can be cute, sexy and fun all at the same time when paired with the right makeup and accessories. For the halo braid, part your hair on the side. Section your hair so that the wispy hairs that surround your face are separated from the rest of your hair, so you do not include them in the braid. Next, section out a piece of hair from the side you start braiding so that when you wrap your braid around you head, you will have that extra hair to finish the braid and complete the circle. Start French braiding on one side and continue the braid all the way around your head, braiding in more and more strands of hair as you wrap around. Once you reach the front of your hair again continue the braid into the hair you sectioned out in the beginning (still not braiding in the wispy pieces). Tie the end with a clear hair tie and tug on chunks of the braid to loosen it and give it that halo effect. Tuck the end of your hair under the back of the braid and bobby pin it in place. For a better visual try Amber Fillerup’s video tutorial on how to try this look at home:

Straight and Sexy

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley might be a Victoria’s Secret Model, but you too can get this straight and sexy look for yourself this summer. Start this hairstyle with a deep side part for exaggerated side bangs or part the hair in your natural part. The InStyler® Rotating Iron is the best straighter to use to get this look. With the hair on the top of your head and near your face, use the InStyler® MAX 2-Way Rotating Iron to flat iron them away from your face and flip them slightly under at the ends. Straighten the remaining hair down and out, flipping the ends away from your face. This look is best for short layered hair so that the hair falls in layers and is more dimensional, but anyone can pull off these flirty locks.

Soft and Messy Top Knot

Putting your hair up in a top knot is no longer considered lazy when it looks like this updo that Dianna Agron has done. This soft and messy top knot may be easy to do, but it sure won’t look like that if done correctly. To start this hairstyle use sea salt and holding sprays before you tease your hair. The sea salt spray will give your hair texture, and the holding hair spray will keep the hair you tease in place and give it more volume. Pulling your hair straight back and up, tie it in a ponytail and then wrap your hair around into a bun using bobby pins to pin the purposefully messy pieces into place. You can achieve this look with or without putting your hair into a ponytail first before putting it into a bun. However, putting it into a ponytail just makes it that much more simple. By putting your hair in a ponytail, you can also use a rolled up sock to create a fuller bun or that “sock bun” look. Use the donut shaped accessory starting at the tip of the ponytail and wrapping the hair around as you roll down to the base of the ponytail. Roll the sock bun down as tight as possible and you will not need any bobby pins to keep it in place.

Summer is almost upon us and for some, the weather makes it feel like it is already here. These quick and simple hairstyles are perfect for the warmer months. With your InStyler® MAX 2-Way Rotating Iron, you are sure to spend less time styling your hair and more time relaxing in the sun.