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Hot Fall Hair Trends | Instyler

Even if you're not into fashion and makeup, you still style your hair. The fall is a very common time for people to want to change their look. Whether it's drastic or subtle, one thing's for sure, we want a change for the better.

There are a lot of beautiful hair trends this fall! The biggest trend is the comeback of short hair! Short hair is just as trendy as long tresses I am seeing it on the runway, on celebrities, and everywhere in between. There are different short cuts to try. there is the conservative bob, the flipped bob, the layered bob, cropped bob, or pixie cut. They are all variations of the classic bob.

The conservative Bob is the most popular and the easiest to achieve. It is cut all one length and looks great with or without bang. It is also easy to style and requires little styling product. To achieve this look I would shampoo and condition the hair with a smoothing system to enhance sleekness. Then blow dry the hair with a silicone based styling product and a paddle brush. To really achieve that sleek, sophisticated look use the InStyler to smooth down the cuticle and promote shine. Power on the InStyler and set it to the desired heat level. Gather a 2 inch section of hair. Position the cylinder side down slowly glide the InStyler straight down through the hair from roots toward ends, without angling the cylinder. Continue until desired results are achieved and you will have the perfect bob.

The flipped bob is another great look. Shampoo and condition the hair with a volumixing system because this look has a lot of volume and movement. Blow dry the hair with you head upside down to achieve maximum volume. Next crucial step is to use the InStyler to get the flip! Ensure the InStyler is powered on and set to the desired heat level. Gather a 2" - 3" section of hair. Position the cylinder side up slowly glide the InStyler down your hair from the roots toward the ends. Near the ends of your hair, turn the cylinder up, keeping the ends on the cylinder. Rotate for 3-5 seconds. For larger flips, start the turn sooner. Continue until desired results.

Another way to wear a cute trendy bob this fall is to curl it! Encourage the natural curl in your hair during humid months with a curling shampoo and conditioner, towel dry, and follow with a generous amount of curl enhancing product. Blow dry your hair with a diffuser Or let it dry on its own, all the while scrunching it to encourage the curls. Don't mess with it too much. Or you can let your hair air dry naturally and power on you InStyler to the appropriate temperature for you hair type. Wrap sections around the InStyler and close allowing the rotation to change the formation of your hair to an amazing curl. Open the InStyler and drop the curl. One professional tip for this look is to make sure you curl the hair away from your face. It really looks sassy and stylish!