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25 Cute & Sexy Hairstyles for Round Faces

We're breaking down the most flattering hairstyles for round faces that make your features pop and compliment your style. Sometimes finding a truly gorgeous hairstyle that dazzles can be hard to do, no matter what your face shape is! Scroll through to find a number of beautiful hairstyles that can help transform your look. With suggestions for bangs, short hair, long hair and everything in between, you can find fun styles to try out and different cuts you may have never considered before. The right cut and styling tools can completely transform your look giving you the fun and sexy look you've been dreaming of with one of these gorgeous round face hairstyles!

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Nothing gives you a brand new look like bangs. The right cut can work wonders adding structure and length. Even better they can draw more attention to your eyes accentuating one of your most striking features!

Felicity Jones is a picture of (bangs) perfection! Her bangs are choppy and cut just above the brows, which opens up and lengthens her face as well as highlights her eyes. This is a youthful, fresh look that is perfect for weekends out and about.

Kristen Dunst shows the magical power of long, side-swept bangs on round faces. They offset the roundness of her face, especially since they hit at her cheekbones, creating definition. Her deep side part and loose, romantic waves also pair beautifully with her round face. This is a look that would work on most women and would be easy to style out each day taking the look from work to happy hour!

When going with a shorter cut it's important to include some texture which is exactly what Emma Stone has going with her soft waves. The side-swept bang is a sure bet for round faces. Her shorter bangs, stopping right at eye level easily plays up her green eyes. Plus, her fringe blends seamlessly into the rest of her bob, which is perfectly undone for a cool-girl feel.

Ginnifer Goodwin is what adorable pixie-fairy dreams are made of. The choppy texture of her bangs counteracts the round shape of her face, while the pushed-to-the-side effect creates the illusion of length. Use styling tools to create fun texture and watch yourself become the definition of cute and sexy. Now that's what we call a win-win.

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A lot of girls with rounder faces tend to shy away from short hair, but the reality is when done correctly it is extremely flattering and fun. Cop the short hair don't care attitude and don't be afraid to experi-ment with something outside of your comfort zone. But remember, the devil is in the details, so don't cut off too much and find yourself wearing a hat for two months straight.

Kelly Clarkson, lob is fun, sexy, and extremely flattering. It works because it's longer in the front, hit-ting below the chin to make her face look longer. The side part also creates asymmetry, which is bene-ficial for round faces as it crease angles. This kind of look is easy to maintain with the right tools as it can be curled and styled up for a cute tousled look for any occasion.

Olivia Munn, blunt-cut bob sits perfectly just below chin level with a slightly off-centered part, which subtly adds more depth to the style and gives her face a more slender look. This look can be easily styled with natural looking waves that add just the right amount of texture. Top it off with a shine spray for Munn-status sheen.

Leave it to Miley to show us how the mohawk is done. Cyrus has the quintessential round face, so she proves it's possible to still look edgy with a baby face. The height and texture help to balance every-thing out. This style is great if you are a low-maintenance gal, as all you have to do is rub some gel through and you are all set. Hair that is fine to medium in texture will be easiest to mold into this style.

Victoria's Secret model Chanel lman looks stunning with these short, romantic curls. Observe that the one long curl on one side of her face is crucial for this look—it creates the asymmetry that round faces need, especially when trying to go for a short curly style. With the right product and tools, this look is easier to get than you might imagine!

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Mid-length cuts are flattering on any face shape. Medium length styles leave a lot of room to play with different styles and add a little variety to your everyday look. Here are some expert ways to style them!

Miranda Kerr, side-swept Old Hollywood style looks incredible. Having all her hair to one side allows the cascading waves to take center stage and frame her face beautifully. There's nothing we love more than big, beautiful curls. This is a great date night look that is both classy and sexy!

We just can't take our eyes off Emma Stone in this half-up, half-down style. Luckily, recreating this look is both easy and flattering. Simply take hair from each side of the temples and secure at the back, gently backcombing for some volume and height, which will elongate the face!

Carmeron Diaz, sharp angled layers fall around her round face effortlessly. Tucking the front of her hair behind her ears on one side lets her face shine through while keeping hair forward on the other side balances out her features. This is one of the best hairstyles for round faces and can be quickly changed up with some soft waves!

Ashley Olsen, beachy blonde waves make us want to rock this look every day, and that's how we know this style is an ace. Waving her hair away from her face is key to this look—it's a trick that's extra flattering to round faces, as is the off-center part. This is a fun look for your next big meeting as well as your next night out!

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More than ever, long hair is having a moment. While longer styles have always been popular these days it seems like there is nothing more coveted than gorgeous flowing curls. Generally, round-faced ladies with long hair look best with lots of layers and texture.

Sarah Hyland, side-swept fringe helps to break up her round features and lets her long glossy curls take center-stage. Note that her curls don't have too much volume up near her face, which could get a little busy. Keep the volume and majority of the curls at the ends of the hair for this look!

Ariel from The Little Mermaid, is that you? Nope, it's English model and actress Lily Cole, killing it on the red carpet. Cole looks gorgeous with her styled out side-part. Adding texture to the look gives her straight hair volume!

Chrissy Teigan shows that rules are meant to be broken: she dares to wear her long mane in a center part, which is usually a no-no for most women. She definitely pulls it off, thanks to some shorter pieces that grace her cheekbones and honey highlights that break up her color Loose curls are always a good look in our book!.

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There is no reason to shy away from fun updos! Whether you are going for an easy look or to add more drama to your everyday look take a peek at these gorgeous styles that are oh so flattering. Updos are perfect for special occasions and can easily add an air of sophistication to any look.

Kaley Cuoco's looks adorable in this topknot. The trendy topknot is the go-to cool girl look. You can add some edge to the look with a subtle smoky eye or class it up with a fresh-faced look. Either way the topknot is quick fix for any occasion!

Kate Bosworth looks every bit an angel with this mussed up crown-braid framing her round face. This is one of those timeless looks that will likely never go out of style. We love this for a Saturday out and about and are confident it can easily carry into the night!

This teased romantic updo on Kate Upton is simply amazing! The swept-to-the-side long bangs and major va-va-voom volume at the crown of her head really pull the look together. This bold look never disappoints!

A low side-bun, flowing and ethereal, looks stunning on almost everyone. Michelle Williams' soft waves add the perfect amount of texture and volume to the look. Sweep your hair back and look effortlessly put together.

Sometimes it's better to go back to the basics with a simple but elegant side braid. This side-swept style looks best when done loosely allowing for more volume. Throw on a strappy dress and you've got an effortlessly gorgeous date night look!

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Well hello, Adele! Adele's hair looks full of secrets, a la Gretchen Weiners'. Whoever styled her hair also knew an insider secret – volume at the crown of the head elongates and slims the face. Her softly curled face-framing fringe keeps the look from being too severe and hits right at her cheekbones for definition!

We just love how gorgeous Demi Lovato looks with this sassy high pony. The pumped-up volume on top extends her silhouette and her youthful pink strands harmonize with her cherubic face. Round-faced gals, you can pull all your hair off your face, and Lovato is living proof. Be bold!

Jennifer Lawrence, round face is framed beautifully by this soft tousled side pony that has an "I woke up like this" vibe (but we girls know that's definitely not the case). Curl hair loosely, secure on the side with a hair tie, and wrap a strand of hair around the elastic for a hidden, natural finish. Leave a few strands of hair out in the front like J Law for a romantic framing effect!

Malin Akerman isn't trying to hide her face at all with this slicked back style. Parted right in the center and pulled back taut, she's making her face center stage, and we love it. An elastic and a little hairspray is all you need to secure this style.

Jennifer Morrison looks straight out of a storybook with her cascading Repunzel-esque waves and braided bangs. The braid keeps her hair out of her face while highlighting her features. This boho style is so versatile, it can be worn anywhere.