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Online Reviews

“Don't fry your hair. Invest in some top-notch tools that will evenly disperse heat through your strands and cut your styling time in half. A great new tool to hit the beauty market is the InStyler...”

“I'll admit it. When I saw the InStyler on an infomercial one night, I was skeptical. It looked like one of those kooky gadgets that was a little too good to be true. But ladies, I'm here to tell you that thing really works! ”

“When I heard about the Instyler hair gadget, I decided I had to try it to see if it actually worked... Does it deliver? can...”

“**Editor's Pick** The InStyler. The rotating hot iron the straightens, curls and styles! Introducing a compact hair marvel that's easy to use and takes the guess work out of professional styling techniques...”

“Digging through the Grammy suites, I ran across the most unique tool and I absolutely adore it. Talk about all in one, multi-purpose tool, The Instyler is genius for doing your hair without a ton of damage either!”

WUSA Channel 9

“The makers of the InStyler are so confident customers will like it, they'll send you two for a 14-day trial. The trial costs $14.99. Kathy from Atlanta and Melinda from Woodstock are among the dozens who asked us to test the InStyler. It's supposed to be the hottest hairstyling tool since the flat iron.”

“A common question Kimberley Locke gets is "Do you really use the InStyler?" and "Does it really work?" The 'American Idol' season two finalist decided to upload a little video to answer the question as her stylist put the infomercial product to work.”

Seeing the Beauty

“The Instyler worked wonderfully. I know there will be some who will say it wasn't a necessity and I shouldn't have spent money on it, but for my daughter and her hair, it really was.”