Transform Your Hair

Patented Rotating Barrel Technology

The secret to perfect hair lies in the ORIGINAL Rotating Iron's patented design. Its rotating heated polishing cylinder, tourmaline ceramic floating plate and four rows of precision aligned bristles combine to deliver a hair styling tool unlike any other.

Frizz-Free Healthy Hair

The ORIGINAL Rotating Iron straightens and smoothes without crushing, flattening or baking hair. Heat is distributed evenly to protect hair from damage, while the rotating barrel action smoothes hair and reduces frizz.

Styling Versatility

The ORIGINAL Rotating Iron lets you create straight and sleek styles or add incredible body and volume. Wrap your hair around the rotating barrel and you can acheive beautiful soft curls or bouncing beachy waves.


Heated Rotating Barrel
Smooth and Polish. The heated rotating barrel evenly distributes heat to protect your hair from damage. To maximize the smoothing and polishing action of the motorized barrel, set the barrel direction to rotate from roots toward tips of hair.
Always See Your Hair. Hair is visible and exposed at all times, protecting it from tangling or becoming jammed in the unit. The lack of a small enclosed space also means the ORIGINAL can handle curling long and thick hair.
Frizz and Damage Free. The tourmaline ceramic floating plate aligns with the rotating barrel and helps to gently smooth hair and reduce frizz without creasing or crushing hair.
For All Hair Types. With four heat settings, the Instyler is perfect for fine, medium and thick hair types. The multiple heat settings range from a low heat of 285°F up to a maximum heat of 425°F.
Style in Seconds. Instyler will heat up in 30 seconds, reaching your desired heat setting for instant styling.
Style Safely. Don't worry if you forget to turn your Instyler off. It will automatically shut off 45 minutes after discontinued use.
Tangle Free Movement. The 6' cord allows for mobility while styling.

Rotating Technology

Rotating Technology

The ORIGINAL Rotating Iron delivers smooth straight hair that doesn't fall flat. The curved shape and rotating motion of the barrel adds volume and body as you straighten, giving you hair that is full of bounce, body and shine. The rotating iron technology gives you the straightening power to make even the coarsest hair silky, smooth and straight. Unlike traditional hot tools that can burn and flatten hair, the rotating iron evenly distributes heat to help protect hair from damage, while smoothing and reducing frizz.

As you run the ORIGINAL Rotating Iron through a section of hair, the first set of bristles gently sorts and separates individual strands of hair. The rotating, heated polishing cylinder then gently glides over hair, straightening and smoothing each strand. Finally, the second set of bristles puts the finishing touch on your hair, leaving you with super silky, shiny hair.

Your Perfect Look

Straight and Shiny

Your Perfect Look: Straight and Shiny

Your Perfect Look

The ORIGINAL Rotating Iron will create a beautiful blow out look in minutes. When rotating in the natural direction of you hair, the ORIGINAL Rotating Iron will perfectly smooth and polish without crushing hair. Close the ORIGINAL Rotating Iron around a section of hair and glide down slowly from root to ends to achieve smooth shiny hair with body.

Soft Curls and Beachy Waves

Your Perfect Look: Soft Curls and Beachy Waves

Soft curls or beautiful waves are perfect for an everyday look or special event. With the ORIGINAL Rotating Iron open, wrap a section of hair around the barrel from roots to ends. Close the ORIGINAL Rotating Iron around the hair section and let the polishing barrel do all the work.

Lift and Volume

Lift and Volume

To give hair an extra lift at the roots, close the ORIGINAL Rotating Iron around a section of hair at the scalp and let the barrel rotate from root to tips for 3 to 5 seconds before gliding down through ends of hair.

The ORIGINAL Rotating Iron

Large 1¼" Barrel

  • Available Colors: Silver, Purple, Pink
  • Get straight, shiny, sleek hair
  • Add texture, flips, curls and waves
  • Create incredible body and volume
Original Large 1 1/4" Barrel - Silver
Original Large 1 1/4" Barrel - Purple
Original Large 1 1/4" Barrel - Pink

Small ¾" Barrel

  • Available Colors: Silver, Purple, Pink
  • Perfect for short hair and bangs
  • Get straight, shiny, sleek hair
  • Create tight curls, texture, body and volume
Original Small 3/4" Barrel - Silver
Original Small 3/4" Barrel - Purple
Original Small 3/4" Barrel - Pink